05 January 2011

No impact week :Day 4 :: FOOD

This part of the challenge is for us quite easy as we already eat locally, in season and organic.
We belong to the French version of CSA called here in France "AMAP". Our AMAP is awesome and very active. We go and help out on their farm sometimes. They organize all sorts of events and screening. Love it!
In the summer, we plant and grow some veggies in our backyard. But not enough for the 4 of us...It is more a way to teach our girls he way things grow and how to be patient and thankful for the food and the people growing it.

We are also (and first timer for my husband and children) vegetarian ( not vegan). We do eat eggs and LOTS of fish ( the kind that are not overfished or farmed from Norway since they use pesticide to kill the lices they develop being so stressed by the number they are raised per square meter.

Before moving to the USA, I was already a vegetarian. But the truth is the meat in the US was excellent compared to the one in France. And it was the forst time I ever had marinated meat on BBQ ( Flank steack was my favorite). But moving back to France 4 years ago we started to go greener and the more we read, watched documentaries or movies about sustainability, ecological footprint,  industrial food, cruelty toward animals we decided to take responsabilitie for our own health and make our food our first medecine.

We both lost weight  and feel fit and healthy.
Eating out is getting tricky as you do not find organic restaurant around where we live that easily. So we usually go for sushi (no tuna) or indian vegetarian food.

At home we invested in a fantastic machine called Thermomix.
We (read : I... my husband is a bit puzzled by it but he loves it !) use it everyday several times a day on the week end. We make soups, bread, brioche, cakes, vegetarian dishes and really good desserts. The girls love the fact that they know where the food come from and that everything is home made. In a world where junk food is a every corner :: we are really happy about this outcome. I just wonder how long it will last as Alana will enter teenagehood within five years.
Hoping good habits will stay tatooed on her mind...


  1. Dearest sweet Lila, these are gorgeous gorgeous photos!! Such an inspiring post on being healthy! Thanks so much for sharing sweet friend! Wishing you LOVE and JOY this new year! Thanks so much for all the love, support and blessing sent my way! I look forward to more adventures with you in 2011! Love to you!

  2. Cela donne envie de vivre plus sainement, ça c'est sûr. Je trouve toujours ça génial que tu arrives à faire tant de choses, tu es une wonder maman en fait, avoues...

  3. Thank you Jacqueline for your love note and good wishes for 2011.