20 March 2012

This is your LIFE

Lost in the sea of pictures

Today I decided to clean up my photo storage and discovered some nice ones.
Here are more from the day we went to see the reindeers.

a comment to the last one :: 

i sent this one to my hubby. 
his reply :: don't get any idea.

I guess we will stick to our plans : bunnies, cat, chicken and bees... 
and no goat ;(

14 March 2012

Sweet Sweden

We had a great visit in Stockholm and Uppsala! 
We got blessed with a stunning blue sky { = cold temperature} but it was just perfect !
We somehow managed to have a good blend visit to amazing design stores (even Emmaus has a vintage section and their clothes section is organized by colors !) , museums (Skansen and Junibacken were in order by popular demand !)  and good amount of "Kanel or Cardamon Bulle". 
It sure kept everyone happy and entertained !

We unfortunately missed all our friends that we were hoping to go visit... 

But it is sure a good reason to go back :)