05 July 2011

When the technonology goes DOWN... life goes UP.

Dear riends, family & online community, 

I can't believe than more than a month went by since my last post. 
We did a lot , I could have said a lot also. 
Many pictures taken, many things done : one big problem : my laptop is  [temporarily?] out of order. 

Hard to "kill" an iBook though... 
I tried to get help from Apple assiatance online. Failed. 
I booked 3 appointments at their "Genius Bar" : I have never had a chance to "actually go there". Always something happening "more" important that "this" issue. 
Oh well.

But all my pictures are in it, most of our life is too... ! 
Ooops !
So until I get it fixed... 

all our wonderful trip to Sweden will have to wait until I can post pictures.

In a nutshell, here is what happened :: 

Over the past month we travelled to Sweden for one amazing week. 
The girls went through many school end of the year celebrations 
and  their annual piano mini recital {took a sweet video on my cell phone !}. 

 We had rainy days upon cold and rainy days. It felt like the Fall. 
Then without any notice we enter Summer (although many days after the summer Solstice) 
with the highest temperatures since 2003. 

 We took a huge decision about next year school
Being expats and never knowing for sure where  & when the wind will take us
we took the leap to homeschool our girls next year. 
Not the only reason : there are many many more. 
I won't go into details . 
Mainly it is about matching our family core values with education and especially life in general.
We believe that it is not about grades, being better/smarter/stronger than, 
but rather being happy and loving what you do and learn. 
It is about the path and not always the destination. 

 The school the girls went to for the last three years was NOT meeting much of it 
(besides being taught all  in english). 
That said : I have to add that the teachers our girls had were excellent & very loving persons. 
We felt blessed to have them by our sides over those years.

But we are now en route for a new life with less expectations, less stress. 
No homeworks and ugly stressful evenings.
It won't always go smoothly, I am aware of it. But it rarely does.
We are hoping that they will embark with us on a family experience where 
we all learn something every day as a family. 
Learn to let go for me. 
Being more flexible.
It is about freedom.


It will re-open sometimes in the Fall.
 No deadline.No stress. No rush. 

I really need to remember to enjoy the path, not the destination.

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 And we are now looking forward to our next family trip back to our american roots :: heading on Friday to Santa Barbara, California for 3 weeks ! 
SO HAPPY about this !

I will tried to post from time to time if my laptop ressuscited. If not their will be snapshots taken with Instagram and send via Twitter and Facebok as postcards written to friends.

PS :: 

I am writing this on an old Apple. It works fine, except i can't download my pictures since the system is "old" (in technology years that's to say! Only 7 years in human age) 
and not user friendly with my camera...

But I have to say, that being "wire-free" was at first frustrated but then really enjoyable. 
I missed probably a lot of connections with you out there but re-connected with the here & now.

I tried to follow blogs from my other technologic gizmos (iPad...that is !) Tried to send some tweets.
But mostly lost the habit of having to "be" on the computer for too long... because there is always one thing you need to see/check/read/listen to on the web, right ?

A bientot,