30 May 2011

Bake a Beet Cake :: a beautiful video from Tiger in jar

Here is an amazing video found via Poppytalk.

If you like baking cakes, 
vintage touch, 
zen ambiance
great styling, 

this is for you too !

28 May 2011

Etsy Love

I have been wanting to share some of my favorites from Etsy for a while.

So finally, here is my current selection of sweet, 
inspirational handmade work which resonates  
the most with my own creative world.

Wishing you all a lovely day, 


★   ★   ★


work for peace canvas

shapes that are similar, a list
Scent Memory Watercolor I

Empty Nest - Fine Art Nature Photography - Brown bird's nest on a sea of teal blue - 8x8
Feather - Black and White Photography striped feather 5x5
Grainne Photography

Wood Wall Sculpture - One of a Kind Original Art

17 May 2011

Verte Escapade

our view from our tent on Le Mont Saint Michel

It is becoming a tradition to go on a "green escape" once a year. We fell in Love with the "Un lit au pre" concept and try to go once a year. It is within the country [aka France for us ; ) ], totally "earth friendly" and totally relaxing. 
150 % happy.
So this one was our 4th experience. That is to say how much we enjoy it !

And this time we headed to go see le MONT SAINT MICHEL, one of the monuments  added to the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites in 1979.

Sweeping turned to be a fun chore 
Simple life makes simple meals
homework with view

Our simple life inside our tent


Mont Saint Michel Abbey :: simply stunning

loved the arched ceiling
Photo taken by Alana
a view from the Abbey

I love the simplicity of this picture :: I may use it in my work soon ...

Give them a old wooden chariot...

...and they will a fantastic hour of fun !

This little "girl" inspired me for my new screen ...
Soon to be on a new line of cushions and ...
( hush !) a new line of home accessories  too!

Stay tuned !

PS :
They just opened some a US version nearby Chicago. You can probably find it on www.featherdown.com
I know they had an article in Country Living March 2011.

09 May 2011

My mum will be proud

found via  Laura Grace Weldon's blog 

Happy Mother day !
I know it was Mother's Day in the US, Canada and maybe Australia this Sunday.  In France it will be next Sunday.
It is for me one of those mixed feeling type of day since I no longer have my mum around for  almost ...nine years.  Even after all those years the feeling is the same :: bitter  from the lost and sweet from all the love I get from my own children. So we did celebrate it : I had a nice box of Chocolate, some handpicked  wild flower bouquet (the best ones ;) ) and we went to a nice restaurant for lunch. 
Later that day, and thanks to Facebook, I re-connect with  a friend whom I lost track with over the last few years. After the usual questions "How are you", "are you married" & "do you have children", she asked me what I "am doing in life". This is always a puzzling question for me to answer. Excellent question: what am I doing? This friend was very successful professionally.I am more a believer of "what I am doing WITH my life than IN my life" .I gave her a genuine answer. I told her  I was a stay at home mom with strong believes in living a "green" life. And that in parallel of my family life  I create, craft unique objects with soul  for the home that I sold over the Internet.
She immediately replied that I was - therefore -  a creative  "homemaker" with a conscious mind oriented home based business
Waouh ! 
I liked that. 
Although I had no real idea what "homemaker" meant. After Googling, I seek to translate this word in my language, in french} {. But it gavea translation very "domestic" as homemaker seems, at least in the U.S.,encompasses a broader term, or even a "movement".
The first link I found was this one :: "Radical Homemaker" and its associated website. This book got added to my Amazon book list and soon will be on my soon to be Amazon Bookstore.
I am going to dig a little deeper into this new (to me) terminology.
I like that it encompass a lifestyle based on sustainability, unity , making a house a home but also about empowerment, happiness and transformation.
I like that word "HOMEMAKER". Plus it rhymes with TEXTILE DESIGNER.

I think my mum will be proud of me.