About me

I’m Celyn Lila Nicholson, a mum, a wife and a self-taught mixed media artist and  textile designer from Switzerland, with a design label called UN LIEU SUR TERRE.
Why choosing a french name ?
First because I was born in France but mostly because I find the sound of those words soothing.  
UN LIEU SUR TERRE means “a place on earth”. It embodies the little sacred space you go to whenever you close your eyes, take three deep breathes and feel at peace with yourself. It is the right place to let your “inner child” wander safely .
UN LIEU SUR TERRE is a hand made eco-conscious ONE person design studio that believe in contemporary joyful and refined textiles designs and home goods.
UN LIEU SUR TERRE truly believes that surrounding ourselves with purely positive and inspiring affirmations, one will have a clear impact on his or her personal well-being .
UN LIEU SUR TERRE is committed to making thoughtful environmental decisions in each step, from design to production for my  “Storytelling fabric and home goods™ “, as well as upcycled furniture, jewelry line and paper goods. I hope to contribute to kind and thoughtful design that is dedicated to the idea that less is indeed more.
UN LIEU SUR TERRE offers 100% organic materials whenever possible and reclaimed bits of vintage fabric & leather to nurture the idea of ‘hand-me-downs’ and life recycled. Everything is hand-sewn in Switzerland. All is created with care in small editions. All my screen printed drawings are ORIGINAL screen and use non toxic  and earth friendly inks.
UN LIEU SUR TERRE ‘s modern rustic decors are perfect for the contemporary dweller looking for natural and down-to-earth lifestyle. 

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