12 August 2012

Oh the joy ....

* of making drift wood door handles for our new and finished guest quarter !

DIY soon to follow !

* finally sewing this baby blanket from Piawallen (bought in Sweden last year) into a long dorsal pillow for our sofa.

* finally dip-painted this old twig cage that somehow I like so much.

* harvesting seeds for cooking use (here fennel)

* enjoying and welcoming friends and family in our new guest house.  Loving the artwork from one of my favorite fiber art artist :: Feed the Dog, now hanging on the wall as we come in that new space.

* feeling so grateful every time we go and collect our daily egg (so far only two of our four Marans chicken are laying eggs...)

feeling very grateful for the time my husband put into transforming an old small building on our land into a fantastic chicken house ). Salvaging wine crates, carefully re-using every scarps of woof found on site and turning them into a eco-lodge for our chicken !

loving those so delicious "Bulle" from my favorite place in Stockholm :: Fabrique brought especially by my hubby for his 3 girls... The cardamon one is my favorite !

05 August 2012

Farms to table // Part 4 :: Fig & Fauna

"Fig & Fauna Farm is a 3.5 acre homestead, located in South Florida.  We  currently share our land with  chickens, cows, dairy goats, rabbits and farm dogs. We came into this lifestyle in 2011, after we sold our suburban home and ventured into small farming. Our homestead also serves as a boarding and training facility for our Palm Beach store, Onblonde Pet Spa."

What a perfect timing for me when I found this website via pure green magazine. As we are doing our part and exploring the path of living a "simpler life", I am so drawn to people further along on that path. 

So if you are foodie and love sustainable way of living  :: run see this fantastic website/blog. 

The pictures  by ROSE E MARTIN  are stunning and the recipes delicious .

Enjoy ! 

Have a great week !