30 July 2012

Farms to table // Part 3 : Path to freedom

Jules Dervaes and his three adult children all live and work together on their family farm in Pasadena, CA. They call themselves, “eco-pioneers.” They say it’s a homegrown revolution that's taking place, a way for them to get back to a more natural, organic and better way of life. Their mission? To change the world one urban backyard at a time.
Over the years they transformed their home into 1/5 of an acre to grow food. Lots of food :: 6,000 pounds of organic produce a year. Every corner is used for growing food.  Not only do they grow food but they also have a mini farm going on :: chicken, goats, bees, ducks (for eggs only). Their eco urban farm is a place to learn, relax  while listening to front porch concerts and buy fresh food and homemade goodies. 
Next time you travel to California or if you are nearby :: go meet this interesting family ! 

If you have not see their movie yet : don't hesitate to spend the $18 video ! It is a nice way to educate ourself, our children and spread the love and word  for growing your own food. 
As the Dervaes family says it :: 



23 July 2012

Farms to table // Part 2 :: Stone Barns Center for Food & Agriculture

This center is dedicated to promote sustainable agriculturelocal food, and community-supported agriculture. Its proximity to New York City allows people who primarily live in urban and suburban settings to experience a working farm. Stone Barns Center raises chickensturkeysgeesesheeppigs and bees suited to the local ecosystem. The livestock farmers try to raise animals in a manner consistent with the animals' evolutionary instincts. The chickens, turkeys, sheep and geese are raised on pasture that’s kept healthy and productive through carefully managed rotational grazing

Next time I will go on the East Coast, I will go and check it out ! I heard many good things about their "insider's tour".

20 July 2012

The busy bee family

Our days are busy.

Busy outdoors :: growing food + taking care of our seven chicken. We got our first eggs yesterday ! My hubby and the girls are transforming an old cute building into a cool proper chicken house. (I will show you pictures of the before and after)

Busy indoors :: turning a not so special place into a very special one for our guests and family coming to visit over the summer. (More on this soon!)

Happily busy !

What is your summer filled up with ? 

15 July 2012

Farms to table // Part 1 :: Babylonstoren

I always been inspired by places where growing food is the center of the activities. Where food is taken very seriously. 

Call it "The simple life". 
Add it a nice environment and  bit of design and you get my full attention ! 
Homegrown and in style. 

The first time I read about Babylonstoren it was few years ago in one of those gorgeous travel magazine. Few weeks ago I came across an article in  IDEAT magazine. 
Since my new design on tea towels will be about growing your own food and live sustainably, I decided to do some research about places in the world who choose to make a difference with style and integrity.

Today I want to share about Babylonstoren.

"Babylonstoren is one of the best preserved werfs (farm yards) in the Cape Dutch tradition. Not only the manor house from 1777, but pioneer structures all the way back to the founding of the farm in 1690. The Koornhuis (for storing wheat and hay) and the old cellar are exceptionally fine. An ornate fowl house, pigeon loft, leaning bell tower and 
historic gates embellish a traditional courtyard surrounded by a low, whitewashed wall".

There is an extensive post with more gorgeous photos over here and over there.


12 July 2012

My ETSY shop is now RE-OPEN !

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