15 December 2012

Deck the halls Scandinavian Style : a fast decor recipe

It is hard to miss it : Scandinavian inspired decor are hot topics! 
I love how soothing, stylish and yet so homey those home decors are !

Here is a recipe for instant decorating !

Basically you need ::

★ a mostly white room
★ soft layered rugs or sheepskins
★ white or light colored wooden furniture (Ikea based mixed with Grand-parents buffet will do great)
★ organic shapes and natural elements (think branches, pinecones, etc)
candles (LOTS of it !)
★ natural baskets
★ cozy handmade pillows
★ soft wollen / linen blankets
★ silvers stars
★ home baked cookies to fill your house with delicious smell  ;)

You can go monochromic B&W  or add touches of color (red is safe bet, but I guess you can choose Neon pink or Lemon Yellow if you are in the mood for it !)

In my next post, I will show what we did around our house !

Enjoy !

<Nordic style is very attractive and fashionable today because it’s rustic, minimalist and cozy at the same time. Scandinavian style is amazing for Christmas décor as Scandinavian people know well what a real winter is. Natural wood, black and white, fir tree wreaths and rustic lanterns compose a classical Nordic décor. Wanna some color? Add red berries, fabric tree ornaments, stockings and carpets. Nature touches look amazing: natural wood accessories, tree branches, fir tree decorations, pine cone accessories and the place will get a cozy and inviting touch. Minimalism is the motto of Scandinavian Christmas design, get inspired! (via)

★   ★   

Here are some more lovely vignettes for eye candy !

Those are many more inspiring photos found on Pinterest and blogosphere via

05 December 2012

Just add water

Just discovered this artist and really like her work.
Watercolor always fascinate me. I just bought some at a Steiner school Christmas fair. It is magical how the water  pull the color in or out.

Hope you enjoy this beautiful video.

Maja Ruznic from In The Make on Vimeo.

03 December 2012

Personalized Gifts : Monogram pillow

New in the shop : you can now choose  if you want your monograms embroidered or stamped.
Choose your color and pick  the size of your monograms , and voila a great gift for your home, your loved ones or someone you want to let know how much you appreciate him/her.

22 October 2012

Pink suspended

completely mesmerized by this little hanging cloud out of our window this morning...

06 October 2012

"Nutella" inspired

Nutella inspired recipe

(Made with my Thermomix)

90 g of sugar (powder sugar)

130 g of ground hazelnuts

60 g of excellent quality dark chocolate (cut in pieces)

70 g of sweet butter (if you can find lactose free)

100g of milk (I use lactose free milk)

Because I have a Thermomix, I can turn regular granulated sugar into powder sugar ; whole hazelnuts into ground ones and chocolate into a fine paste. 

But I bet any good food processor will do the same.

So mix your 90 g of powder sugar with ground hazelnut.

Add the 60g of dark chocolate and grind away until it turns into a paste.

Add the butter and milk in the Thermomix and let it melt and blend 3 minutes, speed 2 on 50 degrees (I am French, so mind you :: I am talking Celsius). Then mix 5 seconds at speed 9.

Without the Thermomix ::

You can do this in a saucepan on low heat (remember to  keep a close eye  on your milk :) ) and then add your butter and milk mixture  into your food processor . 

Mix everything  at maximum speed.

Transfer into a glass jar.

I do refrigerate because it contains milk. I simply get it out of the fridge ahead of time  to make sure it is a nice spreadable consistency.

Enjoy !

12 August 2012

Oh the joy ....

* of making drift wood door handles for our new and finished guest quarter !

DIY soon to follow !

* finally sewing this baby blanket from Piawallen (bought in Sweden last year) into a long dorsal pillow for our sofa.

* finally dip-painted this old twig cage that somehow I like so much.

* harvesting seeds for cooking use (here fennel)

* enjoying and welcoming friends and family in our new guest house.  Loving the artwork from one of my favorite fiber art artist :: Feed the Dog, now hanging on the wall as we come in that new space.

* feeling so grateful every time we go and collect our daily egg (so far only two of our four Marans chicken are laying eggs...)

feeling very grateful for the time my husband put into transforming an old small building on our land into a fantastic chicken house ). Salvaging wine crates, carefully re-using every scarps of woof found on site and turning them into a eco-lodge for our chicken !

loving those so delicious "Bulle" from my favorite place in Stockholm :: Fabrique brought especially by my hubby for his 3 girls... The cardamon one is my favorite !