31 December 2011

PHOTO A DAY :: Instagram Challenge January 2012

I thought this would be a nice way of challenging my online presence 
and starting the new year and our new lifestyle in a fun way !

A photo a day :: yes, I can do it !!

So long Paris ...

December 2011 was our last month in Paris.

After five years in the City of Lights (more precisely in the western suburbs), 
we will be starting 2012 in a new country & new lifestyle.

We have been truly blessed with our parisian adventures. 
We lived in a fantastic area, in a great neighborhood, 
and we met some precious friends.

Thank you Life for all those great moments.

We are now getting ourselves ready to embrace a new path in Switzerland.

Leman Lake :: here we come !


24 December 2011

Channeling Heidi :: Winter Wonderland in Megeve

In the middle of our December chaos, we manage to escape four days,
 just my husband and I [no kids :: last time we took some time for ourselves was a year and half ago... and we bravely took 2 days off 25 km away from home. 
I told you "brave"]

This time around we got invited in Megeve by Peter's work 
in a beautiful place called "Les Fermes de Marie".

We good SO blessed by the weather 
[read] :: we experienced a real Winter Wonderland!
Nothing better than  90 cm of snow to let go all worries and stress 
from our very soon move.

We had a really great time, met really nice people [among them :: hello Stephanie from Sweden ! ], had great buffet breakfasts, we "spa-ed" a lot, we hiked, took lots of pictures.
Still completely obsessed with mountain chalets [old & new - but preferably genuine]
Love the contrast of white and shade of browns.
So peaceful.

Here a [small] selection.

Enjoy !

01 December 2011

In White & Green

With our move almost just around the corner, 
we won't be able to deck the hall like we love to do.
But we tried to dedicate a shelf in our house to celebrate 
Winter &  our love for a White Christmas.

Centre Pompidou - Paris

15 November 2011

Our daily rhythm [AUTUMN]

*enjoying our last mini crops*

 * Learning*

*celebrating the change of season*


*Visiting our next place*