25 September 2011

Say "Cheese"

Since we decided to homeschool I want to make sure that we incorporate plenty "hands-on" experience. Since we are in the process of moving  within 3 to 6 months to Switzerland : we are all dreaming big ! So here comes our first "topic" of the trimester ::  we are learning about  Urban Farming

Here are some of our main topic conversations right now ::
<<Maman, can we have a real garden in our next house ?>> (once we find one, that is).

(read : not a paved yard like our current one with plants in pots) and we would love to have a real vegetable garden (read : so we can have more strawberries, tomatoes, you name it...) and oh, can we have eggs too ( oh ! a chicken coop !).  

So on our list will be::
⌂ garden big enough for a veggie garden, a chicken coop, a place for our two bunnies, a  bee house (we are planning on taking beekeeping class once settled in our new home).

But how BIG shall BIG be ? 
(can you follow me in this profound thought ;) )

Especially once I had the greatest idea to say <> I honestly think I have been watching too many time the "Path to Freedom" videos and read too many articles in Urban Farming magazine.. 

But, really  ain't those "dwarf goats" super cute ? 

So we decided to have a try and experience a 3 hours  workshop of "Goat & Cheese making" in "La Ferme D'Ecancourt". 

We had a blast... 

But as for having goats as pets... 

Well, maybe not right away...

 Miss Alana did really good at milking the goat. No fear. 
Tessa was a little more reserved on the whole thing. 
She watched very carefully though.

The best part :: getting "costumes" to enter "La Fromagerie"

The part they really enjoyed :: getting those freshly milked goats to the pasture

I would lie if I said we brought home our handmade cheese... We bought two from the same place but since it takes at least 3 days to turn into cheese... those are not "truly" ours but they sure were delicious ( yes, "were", they are long gone !)

So yes, we are heading in this new direction one step at a time... ( ahem :: apart from the goats, that is ... I am sure we will find a nice goat farm not too far away where they will be thrilled to have 2  sweet helpers, don't you agree...? wink wink).

Next post we will show you some more of the fantasy world we are living in right now !

21 September 2011

What have we been up to ...?

... I heard that question many times this month to realize that 
we (I) have been pretty quiet lately...

So, Hello  


Back from summer break ( well it has been almost 4 weeks now...ahem...)

I could not use "Instagram"  to post photos and notes on FB and blog as originally planned. But the "roaming fees" would have been fairly expensive in the end to do it from my French cell since we travelled a bunch...

July ::

We spent 3 weeks in Wonderful Santa Barbara. Somehow after all those years (almost 5 !) spent in France, Santa Barbara is still Home to us. The beach, the Tuesday and Saturday Farmer's market, breakfast at Jeannine's , coffee at Santa Barbara's Roasting Company, and sushi at our favorite place "Sakana" (only once but memorable). We love having those "landmarks", we know the back ways to avoid the beach traffic. Just like the locals ! 
Our girls had such a fantastic quality time with their friends and cousins.

We were very blessed to have Tessa's baptism celebrated in Our Lady Of Mount Carmel Church. Friends and family gathered for this special day. 

We actually had two special days as I managed to organize with few accomplices (Thank you to all of you - wink wink) a surprise B'day party for my hubby (and I) since we both entered into a new decade this year).

The girls truly enjoyed summer camps spent at the beach with big kids

Oh, and I almost forgot :: the girls were so happy 
to take care of such a sweet cat. 
I have to say that we truly miss her

August ::

Oh the nice  jet lag we had  ! 
It took us almost 8 days to finally get over it and be sociable again!  When eating and sleeping were back to the "norm" we met with my dad up in the Alps for 2 weeks ! 

Hikes & picnic :: oh those lazy days we had ! 
Many books were read, some knitting were done.

But we also did some "productive work". 

I managed to  attend a fantastic workshop about "Cooperative education".

But this will be a nice subject for 

a next post... 


I promise !