14 February 2011

Beyond Flower and chocolate :: HANDMADE LOVE


Jan & Earl  did it again! 
PoppyTalk Affordable Art & Home show is now open!
Beautiful selection of artists, Art & Crafts pieces.

Come and check it out !

And I am proud to be part of this market for the 3rd time around !

"Today is the first day of our newest market at Poppytalk Handmade, a curated affordable art and home show online exhibition that will run through to March 4th, 2011. 
Twenty-six days of affordable art and handmade or vintage housewares from ceramics, pillows, mirrors, art, plants, furniture, storage solutions, sheepskin rugs, and more. Click here to see the 70+ artists, designers and/or shops we have handpicked just for our readers."
 Jan & Earl

07 February 2011

Energize for the day thanks to this....

Zillions things to do but came upon this and I had to share !

They ( T. M) do make amazing happenings/flashmobs, I have to say !!!

Flying those days are mostly a pain in the neck  but ARRIVALS like this one should be MANDATORY !

06 February 2011

Digging for extra time and eco- treasures...

I am mostly away from my little work space since i am currently working on a personal project for my best friend who also just turned 40...
Anyway, i am late at blogging, uodating my e-shop ( although i made news wall arts and cushions... Still waiting to be photographed...). But last night i decided to give a try to Etsy treasury making and decided to highlight only members of my Eco Etsy team.
Since Valentine 's day is arund the corner, my theme is FOR THE ECO- CASANOVA.

Enjoy !

Have a nice week- end!
I am hoping to update my store next week ... I will keep you posted on FB and twitter...!