22 October 2012

Pink suspended

completely mesmerized by this little hanging cloud out of our window this morning...

06 October 2012

"Nutella" inspired

Nutella inspired recipe

(Made with my Thermomix)

90 g of sugar (powder sugar)

130 g of ground hazelnuts

60 g of excellent quality dark chocolate (cut in pieces)

70 g of sweet butter (if you can find lactose free)

100g of milk (I use lactose free milk)

Because I have a Thermomix, I can turn regular granulated sugar into powder sugar ; whole hazelnuts into ground ones and chocolate into a fine paste. 

But I bet any good food processor will do the same.

So mix your 90 g of powder sugar with ground hazelnut.

Add the 60g of dark chocolate and grind away until it turns into a paste.

Add the butter and milk in the Thermomix and let it melt and blend 3 minutes, speed 2 on 50 degrees (I am French, so mind you :: I am talking Celsius). Then mix 5 seconds at speed 9.

Without the Thermomix ::

You can do this in a saucepan on low heat (remember to  keep a close eye  on your milk :) ) and then add your butter and milk mixture  into your food processor . 

Mix everything  at maximum speed.

Transfer into a glass jar.

I do refrigerate because it contains milk. I simply get it out of the fridge ahead of time  to make sure it is a nice spreadable consistency.

Enjoy !