14 March 2011


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 v. re·tooledre·tool·ingre·tools
1. To fit out (a factory, for example) with a new set of machinery and tools for making a different product.
2. To revise and reorganize, especially for the purpose of updating or improving: had to retool the city's economy.
To fit out a factory with a new set of machinery and tools.

I realize that have been fairly quiet lately on my blog. I know it is not seemed a good idea when you listen to all the social media gurus telling you to be consistent while blogging. But I am the kind of person that rather not say than say for the sake of making noise.
I was (and still am) busy starting "re-tooling" our life to be more consistent with our philosophy of life.

Re-tooling our lifestyle ::

This takes a lot of energy & mindfulness as we need to prioritize and un-clutter our way of thinking. That is between what you should conventionally do and what you want to do because this actually resonates more with who you are as a person and as a family.

So, in a very near future we will implement some "unconventional" but "happy" changes. Changes (no, I am sorry but I won't introduce them to you just yet... as they are still in project !) which require a lot of thinking ahead, preps and some serious mentorship and networking on my part (not my forte). I am a Capricorn and I usually don't jump in the void without a harness...

Re-tooling my business ::

Lately, I have been super busy working ON my business instead of IN my business. very few creations made their ways to my e-store. The changes I am making are pretty invisible. But oh, so time consumming !
I first need to re-tool my handmade business. As, I  realize that I can not do it all (but at least,  I tried) I am learning to let go and trust others expertise in their own fields. So slowly but surely I will improve my way of "getting my work out there" without feeling all the time depleted... 
Because, yes, I just can not do it all by myself.  "Me not super Mama, simply Me and that is good enough to be" is my new mantra...
So, in the future I am hoping to walk you through my progresses - big and small - documenting them as I go.

Lately, I have been following a really interesting "webinar" created to promote a new book called "The right brainer business plan". It was utterly interesting and I can't wait to start going on my visual map for success as it is stated.

The newsletter # 3 takes a lot more time that I first envisioned it to be written and send out. I have the draft but I am carefully adjusting the content. Don't forget to sign up for it here on my Fan page.

Thank you for your ongoing support and your patience.

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