21 March 2011

Help Japan [Part One]

Like most of us the devastating tragedy happening in Japan really affected me. But I was facing so many "choices" how I could participe financially with so many organizations and so many associations to give money t, that it kind a like "paralized" me.
Until two days ago when  I got a message regarding "The Charity Exhibition" called "Pray for Japan" organized in conjunction with "Les editions du Jeu de Paumes" and their art gallery called "Doux dimanches".

I started working on a new mini-serie called "We are all connected". I decided to make an original artwork on heavy-weight paper. First I used the screen I made form my original drawing and then stamped my own design stamp "the love chair". I hand stamped the sentence :: WE ARE ONE. 
The only requirement besides the art size was to try to incorporate a  heart somewhere in the artwork. I decided to carve mine out of the balloon/Japan flag symbolism.
I am about to go to the post office to mail it to Japan.
It makes me feel connected to know than within a week my little piece will be in Japan among hundreds of other artists and that the sales of this exhibition will be contributed via Japanese Red Cross Society.

The story of my little piece ::

[ the screen making]

[adding details with inks]

[stamping my own design stamp]

Sprinkling Love and Hope.


  1. This a a really nice compliment coming from you !
    Thank you for purchasing the postcards set ! I like that we will both have postcards of each other ! I will send them your way Monday of Tuesday.

    : )