28 March 2011


And just like that she turned FIVE...
I still remember when her big sister turned Five. We had just moved from California to Paris. We had just move into our current house. We had cardboard boxes still piled in some corners. 
I remember we had lots of fun making her birthday card, dipping her hand in blue paint and then applying very carefully onto paper.

We did exactly the same with little sister. The color changed. She chose pink.  But the smile is the same, the pleasure of dipping hand in paint and then leave a trace behind is similar. 
Turning Five is big when you are Five.

Her birthday wish was to go on the very top of the Eiffel tower . Well we did ( after one hour and something waiting in line...) under a nice sunny day and ice scream cone to keep her happy while waiting. The major event for her was that we actually had picnic lunch on the Eiffel tower at 58 Tour Eiffel. And have a birthday cake in the shape of the Eiffel tower... Priceless at five year old !

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Miss Tessa-Calista !

Here was her big sister when she turned Five... three years ago...

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