28 October 2010

Un lieu sur terre on TV

I mentionned it before
Well, the " project " did happen and the TV crew did come. 

It will be on TV on Sunday the 31st  at 11:00 am 
on Teva Channel in a show called "TEVA DECO".

I was a bit nervous about several things after saying "yes" to their asking me to film our house and interview me. First of all Tv crew are known to be "invasive". Secondly, I am NOT a good speaker. Never been, never will. But the TV Crew was so nice that those fears melted away quite rapidly. The interview part was - and still is - the dreaded part of the show. I hope it turned out okay. I was very nervous all day long, but it sure was fun to be treated just like "Pretty Woman" and having my make-up ajusted to the light every so often! 

Last time I got my hair & make up done professionally it was for my wedding ten years ago! My friend Caroline was able to take some pictures. Thank you, Caroline! You made my day since most of the time I am very seldom on pictures since I am the one taking them...!

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  1. oh, i wish i could have seen it ! unfortunately, i do not have Teva, but I am sure you were brilliant and it must have been so beautiful and interesting to watch :)