07 October 2010

S is for :: Studio + Symbols

[ Simply because :: I found again my vintage mini 2CV 
and felt like creating a vignette]

[ Simply because :: I wanted to share a photo of an artist I totally "worship":: 
Antonio Tapies and all the symbolism behind his Art]

[Simply because :: I had a drawing I made of one of my favorite chair from Eames. 
I wanted to make a stamp for my own artwork for a while now.
I love the original chair but this interesting  version too]

[The sheep? Simply because soon we will be "greeting" the cold season ahead 
and the promise of more hand knitted goodies. 
And also because I don't like to waste and I had some carving stamp leftover...] 

[ Simply Bah !]


  1. I simply love this post... The sheep are wonderful!

  2. Dearest sweet Celyn, this post is soo sweet! I am loving your wonderful stamps! Have alovely merry happy weekend and love to you!