04 August 2010


photo credit from Droog

We just came home last night. It feels a bit weird when being gone for so long to make your house your home again. Especially when staring at a sea of suitcases, some opened and slightly spilled over the floor in search of " the perfect T.shirt, maybe some socks , " that would be called for that night "my pyjama", since the original one could not be found anywhere in those 4 suitcases and theirs mini-me versions better know as catch'all bags...
I feel like screaming when seeing our house half buried under piles of clothes, books, you name it.

Being 9 hours jet lagged ( yes, that is a lot), Miss Tessa decided that her sleep was over by one in the morning... So i took a wave and surf the net, while my 4 years old fully awake between 1 am and 3 am played quietly near by me... In her own mind she wanted to play WITH me , -but honestly  between you and me-, at 1 in the morning playing  was really not on my list... Sorry, sweet pea!

Well, I did not play but i did read to her. After reading few book about nature and change of seasons, that brought me back an earlier discussion that I had today (mind you : probably your yesterday...!) with my 7 years old asking me when we would knit again because she has some project for me (oh really ?!). It is true that we are already in August and maybe we should get those needles OUT and PLAY with some yarn !
But the HOUSE first need to look like our HOME until I can create anything. 

Home = house + putting away + cleaning baking 

We need to bake some bread, cookies or brownies and make some yogurts! 

In a nutshell, or more accurately in a nest kinda way  : make it "homy" again after being gone for quite long! 

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  1. I always hate coming back home after even a few days away. Especially if we've left in a hurry and everything is a mess. All I want to do is rest or read a book.