21 August 2010

Berry Much

 A new Friday ritual around our passion for "grown you own produce" 
or at least local, in season and organic. 
Some photos  around what happened 
in our kitchen & little garden 
this week 
a recipe to share.

If you are inspired to do the same, 
please leave me a Love Note 
with a link back to your own *K*itchen *K*orner.

Wishing you a "bountiful" week-end!


Those are the berries that we gathered on our hike the other day.
Almost one kilo!
So in the freezer they go...

Gathered the berries (now frozen...) 
{Please follow !}
80 g of powder sugar
1 egg white

And right into our "Mary Poppins"
[Thermomix, that is to say]
For one minute and 30 seconds 
in the "Merry go round"

One more time, no time to take photo
Everyone enjoyed it "presto"...

(so here you go...
photo : courtesy via  Mingoumango)

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  1. The recipe looks soo yummie! I am such a huge fan of berries! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!