29 August 2010

Mi casa es su casa...

Few month ago,  I received a fantastic gift. 
A lovely journalist  ~ whom I knew and truly appreciated our house and my art ~wanted to feature our house in one of the magazines she works for. 
Mid-August, she called me to let me know that it was "out".
I can't tell you how "weird" it is to see our house and my heART in full pages! 
A mixed emotion of pride and fear to be exposed  "out there" in the "wild". 
A no turning back in the direction I started to take  many years ago and especially one year ago after deciding to launch my own brand "Un lieu sur terre".
I feel really grateful.
So here it is my friends :: mi casa is su casa for a moment in time. 
Enjoy !
*   *

Il y a quelques mois j'ai recu un merveilleux cadeau. Une amie journaliste me dit qu'elle aimerait beaucoup faire un reportage sur notre maison et mon travail d'artiste. 
Le reportage est paru mi-Aout dans le numero de Septembre 2010 du magazine "Le journal de la Maison". 
Nous en sommes toute chose a la maison! 
Les filles de voir "leur" maison en grand dans un magazine et moi de voir mon travail artistique et ma marque "Un lieu sur terre " expose dans un magazine de decoration. 

Un grand merci a mon amie journaliste et a toutes les personnes qui depuis la parution de l'article m'ont manifeste leur interet et leur soutien.

The behind the scene


  1. What a beautiful home you have...a perfect area for your unqiue art...this must be sooo exciting..ride and wave, it'll be positive all the way:D Congrats again, Lila. XO.

  2. WOW lila, you have a really beautiful home!! It's truely a perfect to be featured. :) Your work is gorgeous and i am so happy to have one of your lovely pillow! Congratz! Thanks so much for sharing. Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!

  3. félicitations ma belle, this is fantastic ... I am going to go and buy Le journal de la maison today, it is so exciting and your home looks soooo good :)

  4. bravo c est magnifique

  5. Gorgeous! Next I come to Paris, I would love to come out to the 'country' to visit you :) I'll bring treats from Laduree!