30 July 2012

Farms to table // Part 3 : Path to freedom

Jules Dervaes and his three adult children all live and work together on their family farm in Pasadena, CA. They call themselves, “eco-pioneers.” They say it’s a homegrown revolution that's taking place, a way for them to get back to a more natural, organic and better way of life. Their mission? To change the world one urban backyard at a time.
Over the years they transformed their home into 1/5 of an acre to grow food. Lots of food :: 6,000 pounds of organic produce a year. Every corner is used for growing food.  Not only do they grow food but they also have a mini farm going on :: chicken, goats, bees, ducks (for eggs only). Their eco urban farm is a place to learn, relax  while listening to front porch concerts and buy fresh food and homemade goodies. 
Next time you travel to California or if you are nearby :: go meet this interesting family ! 

If you have not see their movie yet : don't hesitate to spend the $18 video ! It is a nice way to educate ourself, our children and spread the love and word  for growing your own food. 
As the Dervaes family says it :: 



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