27 October 2011

Un Lieu Sur Terre on "M6" French TV Channel website

Sometimes I google my brand name to see what comes up. 
Do you do that too ?

Well, turns out that this morning I discover that a journalist wrote a nice article. 

Sweet !

So here is the "Google translate" translation 

since the article is originally written in French : 

"Textiles and objects bucolic"
A Place on Earth is the story of a mother called Lila who loves to tell storiesthrough objects that surround it. His work focuses on two values: thehandmade and respect for nature. Presentation of bucolic creations and ecological Lila.

The designer has inspired more than one string to her bow, she speaks as well as screen printing lino printing, appliqué, hand sewing and machine,fabric painting, mono prints, but also the use of raw materials ... All these skills combined give creations handmade textiles that tell stories withpoetry and refinement. Each piece is unique and emphasizes positive thinking through messages, to provide inspiring objects of well-being and belief in themselves. The textile designs are transformed in turn intocushions message, chairs "upcycling", in talismans or postcards.

The sign A Place on Earth is also environmentally friendly and has decidedto use only recycled materials or fair trade and organic farming in order to leave a small footprint on the planet.

Deco ideas on Deco.fr: ecological creations of a place on Earth - with M6DECO.fr D & Co http://www.deco.fr/actualite-deco/402316-creations-ecologiques-lieu-terre.html # ixzz1c3VKznhI

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