16 October 2011


I was reading the other day,  

"Mind are like parachutes, they work only when opened"

I have to add this quote to my other favorite ones which is 
"It is not about the path, it is about the journey".

So far our debut with homeschooling  had highs and lows. 
It is to be expected. 

We are getting familiar with the unfamiliar setting (home), the unfamiliar teacher (me) 
and the unfamiliar schedule (mornings mostly, or when we travel it is whenever we can adjust place and timing to make it happen).

 I am slowly realizing that it does not have to be in the same setting (aka our office room turned into a school room). It is actually good for everyone's sake when it happens in different type of environement (indoor / outdoor).

I downloaded a bunch of pictures the other day and thought
 that it will be nice to share some with you.

getting familiar with Montessori materials for our big girl 

A really easy one as a first step, back at the end of August...
She is now adding thousands as easily as the 8+3
that was given for reminding her where to place value
(Mom, that's way too easy for me !)

{PS : Simone , you are my hero!}

mixing the old material (from her great teacher
from last year and the new one (among them : Stories starters)

too nice to stay indoor : class in the park

What i enjoy the most :: girls cooperating (here on a geography project)

MORE on the "Cooperation factor" later...

Yep : sewing is part of our homegrown curriculum.
Just like many homeschoolers out there ( Hello !!)

(I am all about hybrid: a mix of Montessori + Waldorf philosophy)

Miss Tessa reading to her big sister
(Alana was patient since Tessa is a beginner  but eager reader)

Alana focused on her "stamp game"

I also wanted to share something that I found out via this great blog 
that I follow regularly.

This is what seems to be the first documentary on homeschooling.

3StoryFilms is working on an upcoming documentary entitled:
Class Dismissed: Education And The Rise Of Homeschooling In America
Class Dismissed will be the first full-length documentary devoted to exploring homeschooling as a viable alternative to the industrial school model. This film will show how homeschooling is not only rapidly growing in popularity, but how it crosses all social and economic boundaries and covers a wide spectrum of the population. It will answer the questions that many people have and break down the myths that surround homeschooling.
Class Dismissed will challenge its viewers to take a fresh look at what it means to be educated, the difference between education and schooling, while offering up a radical new way of thinking about the process of education.
For information about the filmmakers, to see videos, read their blog, or donate to the project, visit the link above or check out their Facebook page.


  1. Dearest sweet Celyn, homeschooling is so interesting! I love how you schedule the classes venues and curriculum! Such fun. Homeschooling isn't really popular here in malaysia. But im really interested in it. :) Thanks so much for sharing. Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

  2. It looks like you and the girls are loving this new adventure in homeschooling.