16 December 2010

Eye candy : Design for kids auction in Paris

Design for Kids at Pierre Bergé

Spotted via Charlotte Handmade's blog ::
Tomorrow at Pierre Berge will be auctioned some beautiful design pieces made for kids. Wish I could go but mostly wish I could afford it...
In the meantime :: have a look here ! It is free!

I am way behind my family life schedule and my work schedule. I am trying to catch up with all.
I will try to send e-shop update and studio time online soon???!

Expecting snow this afternoon sometimes here around Paris. My kids might be Xmas caroling at their school under snowflakes... ? 
They must be doing the dance snow right now at school (and I am doing the please-wait-until-we-drive-back-home-safely kind of dance myself :: somehow, I did not have that much fun driving back last wednesday with the sudden snow storm, hum...)

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