19 July 2010

In food we trust?

I got this book today at our local bookstore.
I liked the simplicity of it.
Simple veggies, simple recipes.

J'ai trouve ce livre de recettes et de conseils pour petits jardiniers en herbe dans une librairie locale en Californie. J'ai tout de suite aime la simplicite des photos, textes et recettes. J'aime particulierement que cela s'adresse aux enfants.

Then I heard yesterday about this movie. 

I have not seen it yet. But I am planning on doing it this week. 
At home, we are doing all we can to teach our two girls the importance of food. Where it comes from, how it grows, teaching them about reading what is on the labels and not paying too much attention to the cute drawing/picture/logo misleading them completly.
Teaching them about the importance of supporting organic farmers {grown locally and in season} and by visiting our local farmer's market. The problem is by all means the school "cantine" and eating outside. I found this issue less of a problem here in California as many vegan & organic restaurant/supermarkets are easy to go to. 
But somehow, sometimes I am afraid that hammering it too hard with our little girls will have the opposite effect over time... ( i am thinking teenage years..) 
I need to learn to teach them with a lighter tone... I find this difficult. 

Any thoughts or tips on this ? 
I would love to hear from you!
* * *

Une amie de Californie m'a parle de ce film, sorti depuis en DVD. Je souhaite le louer d'ici peu via iTunes. Cela semble etre de la meme veine que les documentaires de Coline Serreau ou de Jean Paul Jaud

Il est primordial dans notre famille d'apprendre a nos deux petites filles l'importance de la provenance de la nourriture que nous mangeons. D'ou vient elle?  Comment pousse-t-elle? L'importance de manger de saison, local de biologique de preference. 
Cependant, je crains  qu'a vouloir faire "trop" bien, la reaction de mes enfants sur le long terme soit dans l'extreme inverse (adolescence quand tu viendras...s'il te plait...sois sympa avec moi...!). Le probleme actuellement est celui de la cantine et lorsque l'on doit manger en dehors de la maison...

Si certain(e)s d'entre vous ont trouve une formule equilibree pour expliquer et faire respecter le choix de nos nourritures terrestres sur le long terme, un grand merci par avance de bien vouloir partager vos experiences!


  1. Je fais également très attention à ce qu'on mange à la maison, mais c'est très difficile parce que mon grand mange tout mais ma petite déteste tout ce qui est légumes et fruits... et j'ai élevé les deux de la même façon. J'achète pratiquement tout en bio et je leurs explique ce qu'ils mangent et d'où cela vient.
    Je pense qu'ils faut surtout donner de bons examples aux enfants...
    Et les films ont l'air très intéressants!

  2. We try to make vegetables and fruits available always. We started from when they were little, not making a special meals just for them (age appropriate of course) so that as they grew older their likes were greater than their dislikes. From there, we've tried to make them aware of good foods and bad foods- and tried to make those choices ourselves so that they can follow by example. My garden is really sad right now, but they see how hard it is to grow things, and off and on they are excited by what comes out of the garden. I think if you don't shove it down their throats constantly they are more apt to follow by example throughout their lives. Good job Lila!

  3. I love the idea of growing our own vergies and fruits. I guess im so used to it ~ my family always had a small garden growing up, my papa's favorite place to hang out during his free time. I grew up eating fresh okra, tomatoes and squash. It was so much fun helping dig potatoes and pick and snap big bowls of green beans. It's really a fun process learning all about own grown plants and vegies. Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!