17 July 2010

California dreamin' (part 2)

It feels so right to be back what used to be "home"  for so many years.

  • It is sunny but not blasting hot 
  • June gloom is a "bad word" around here. Well, let me tell you about Parisian never ending winter with heavy rains.
  • I can finally have good use of my flip flops collection that was being retired at the bottom of my closet for 2 years.
  • People do greet each other at the coffee-shops, stores, parks, on the side walks.
  • Trees and ferns are giant. It is green all around us. 
  • Flowers and hummingbirds are everywhere
  • I can almost find my way around here with my eyes closed (I said almost). After several years in Paris I am happy to have a "map" widget on my cell to find my way...
  • Tessa-Calista learned very quickly the word "smoothie". It ranks among the top ten of her favorite words (before or after "doudou" (her pacifier...., I know still at age 4...) "no", "me first", "calin" (hug!) and bisous (kiss)

Tessa-Calista, now 4 years old (we left SB when she was barely one), walked on the beach for the first five minutes, pinching her nose because the "sea smell" was too strong for her to handle ! But as soon as she got pulled into collecting sea shells, rocks and bits of things with her Big sister (who lived her first  4 years here by the beach...), being by ocean seems pretty natural to her, don't you think ?



  1. Lila, these are gorgeous photos!! They make me happy! I hope you have a lovely merry happy vacation! Love to yoU!

  2. your daughters are delightfull ! when you mentioned the smell of the sea, I immediately can smell it, bliss :)love that last photo ... très bonnes vacances à toi et ta famille :)

  3. What lovely photos of what looks like a beautiful life...thanks for sharing Lila:D