02 April 2012

A new place to call HOME.

Since last summer we embarked on a new journey :: finding a new home.
We knew where we were moving to (well, at lead the area!)
We knew the reasons why (work related). But we needed to find a new house to call home.

We visited many, many houses. Some were not a good fit at all (oh the storied I have on some of them !). Some were possibly okay but with some serious elbow grease works. Some were far too remoted (with Peter traveling quite often, not a good idea...).

We found a wonderful on one of the French borders. Gorgeous. Sold within 2 days... Yep, the housing market here in Switzerland is a bit crazy !

Then we found another one, with an amazing view, very contemporary wooden house. Tons of light. The yard was quite small and needed some clever terracing to make it somewhat usable We loved it and made an offer. But things are not meant to be, they just are. Nothing worked as expected. Everything was complicated and delayed. So many highs and lows. Until...

I decided to keep looking (if you know me it is VERY unlike me : I am stubborn french girl..).
To make a long story short : I found what looks like to be a "jewel" online and called the real estate agency right away. House was not quite yet ready to be on the market but I managed to get the first appointment. Love at first sight for this centennial house with a big yard, two spaces for my studios, more storages and what a view!  We met with this lovely family who have been very carefully and lovingly restauring this "chalet" with craftsmanship . Like us they were bicultural. Perfect match.
When things are meant to be... they simply are.

Fast forward many months later with all the paper works required for every possible things (the B permit is a  big thing before being able to get something done) we just moved few days ago as I am typing this.

I don't have many pictures (yet) to show but it will come ! I can simply tell you that the banner is made from one of the old blue print gently given by the previous homeowner.
I thought that my brand name UN LIEU SUR TERRE will be a great match with this picture.

A place on earth, indeed.

Our new place on earth finally called "HOME".

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  1. Oh my. That view does something in my soul. You lucky, blessed lady! Enjoy x