14 March 2012

Sweet Sweden

We had a great visit in Stockholm and Uppsala! 
We got blessed with a stunning blue sky { = cold temperature} but it was just perfect !
We somehow managed to have a good blend visit to amazing design stores (even Emmaus has a vintage section and their clothes section is organized by colors !) , museums (Skansen and Junibacken were in order by popular demand !)  and good amount of "Kanel or Cardamon Bulle". 
It sure kept everyone happy and entertained !

We unfortunately missed all our friends that we were hoping to go visit... 

But it is sure a good reason to go back :)


1 comment:

  1. Love your post!!! The girls have changed since the last time I saw'em. They're growing fast!!!! Love all the pictures you posted, awesome shots!! Wsh I were there having those delicious Kane's bulle!!! One day, maybe....
    I should be checking Emmaus here in France! That was a good reminder.
    We miss you tons and still hoping we'll get in touch via Skype.
    Much love to you all
    Gros gros bisous