20 January 2012


Leman Lake - January 2012

I am taking a fantastic e-course with Catherine Just

It is called "Soulfulphoto". 

The first week assignment was on witnessing time passing.

She wrote ::
We never know how important these photos will be when we take them. We never know what will be important about them until time passes and life happens and we look back at them from a different vantage point.

The process was described as following ::

Your first photography mission is to pick one thing that happens on a daily basis and photograph it every day. 
You can title each photo with the date, time and maybe a word or two to remind you of something that happened just before that. Kind of like a time stamp. You can do that if you like. 
Since we relocated to Lausanne recently, we are fascinated by the mountains  surrounding us and the immensity of the Leman Lake just below us.

Those pictures are unfortunately tiny since I took ten with Instagram on my cell phone. I don't think I can create them bigger.

If you have a solution, I am all ears ;)

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