24 December 2011

Channeling Heidi :: Winter Wonderland in Megeve

In the middle of our December chaos, we manage to escape four days,
 just my husband and I [no kids :: last time we took some time for ourselves was a year and half ago... and we bravely took 2 days off 25 km away from home. 
I told you "brave"]

This time around we got invited in Megeve by Peter's work 
in a beautiful place called "Les Fermes de Marie".

We good SO blessed by the weather 
[read] :: we experienced a real Winter Wonderland!
Nothing better than  90 cm of snow to let go all worries and stress 
from our very soon move.

We had a really great time, met really nice people [among them :: hello Stephanie from Sweden ! ], had great buffet breakfasts, we "spa-ed" a lot, we hiked, took lots of pictures.
Still completely obsessed with mountain chalets [old & new - but preferably genuine]
Love the contrast of white and shade of browns.
So peaceful.

Here a [small] selection.

Enjoy !

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