12 June 2011

Le potage {the garden patch}

In spite of the commercial side of this little movie, I like the flowing of the images and the silent dialogue that emerges between the beauty of its images and 
underlaying messages for respecting our planet resources.

Our own mini garden is not doing so well.  
Most of our lettuces are going to seeds without having really had 
a chance to turn into full grown lettuce heads, 
our tomatoes plants are slowly starting to grow. 
We are finally able to see some "babies" green bell peppers. 
But the weather here around Paris is very much unpredictable :
it got  too hot early may and pretty much the whole month of May and now we are experiencing heavy rains and the temperature dropped accordingly...

Thankfully we don't rely on our mini garden patch to feed our family ... 
The organic market and the AMAP (French CSA) 
provide for us nice baskets of 
fruits & vegetables.

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