25 April 2011

Postcards from :: a lazy way of blogging during Easter break.

Dear all, 


Today is our last day of lazy days...
Tomorrow at that time, I will be rushing to school 
to pick up our girls. 
Tomorrow we will have to wake up at 6:45 am.
We had a great time. Simple, fun and mostly relaxing.
But for the moment we had a great lunch on our back patio.
It feels like summer in the middle of ... April... 
Totally abnormal. 
Totally enjoyable [I have to admit].

So here is my last postcard from our Easter break



{and everyone was making fun of me when we moved from California,
I insisted upon taking our outdoor shower to Paris...
Oh, really...?}

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  1. Dearest sweet lila, such a beautiful day and looks like you and your lovely girls had such a fun time! These photos made me smile. :)
    My store name buttons are custom made by sweet Rob from Bullfrog etsy.
    Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!