22 September 2010


I am running late to update the e-shop with some creations from my new collection "Petite Moon".

My apologizes. 

But I do have some "excuses" :: my almost 99 years grand-mother closed her pretty eyes last week and I travelled those last past days to be with my dad and her "young" sister (my great aunt, now 92...). She was a beautiful lady. The one that will do everything for her family (as in :cook, sew, knit, crochet, bake, remember birthday and all our friends' names). 
She witnessed two world wars, the first man on the moon, the first TV set and land line telephone, those funky old cars and trikes, the upcoming of internet, cell phones and change of climate. She travelled the world at a time where to get to and back was already an adventure.

She is deeply missed. 

That said, I also wanted to post about those 4 norwegian designers called "PERMAFROST" [love the name too ! ] whom I discovered in a designers magazine recently.
 I truly enjoyed their sense of humour !

Here are my 3 favorites ::


Poor Teddy Bear table

Room with a view

* * * * * * 

Je suis en retard pour mettre à jour la boutique en ligne avec quelques créations de ma nouvelle collection "Petite Moon".
Toutes mes excuses.
Mais j'ai raison "::  a presque 99 ans ma Grand-mère Odette a ferme ses yeux la semaine dernière. Ces derniers jours ont ete tres mouvementes.  J'ai passe ces quelques derniers jours  avec mon père et la soeur cadette de ma grand-mere, ma grand-tante, une jeunette de 92 ans.. 

Ma grand mere etait une de ces personnes qui savait tout faire (la cuisine, la couture,le tricot, le crochet, les gateaux les plus extravagants et aussi les plus simples,).Elle a connu deux guerres mondiales, a suivi en direct a la tele les premiers pas de l'homme sur la lune, a connu l'engouements des premiers téléviseurs  et les joies du téléphone avec standardiste. Elle a conduit les voitures dites maintenant de "collection", a vu arriver l'ere de l'internet, des téléphones cellulaires et des changements de climat. Elle a parcouru le monde en suivant son mari dans ces deplacements profesionnels à un moment où le simple fait d'aller quelque part etait déjà une aventure en soi.

Elle va nous manque profondement.

Cela dit, je voulais aussi ecrire au sujet de ces 
designers  norvégiens appelée «Permafrost»  que j'ai découvert dans un magazine de design récemment.
 J'ai vraiment apprécié leur sens de l'humour !
Voici mes 3 favoris:


  1. Oh Lila! I am laughing out loud! OMG, not from your grandma, so sorry for the loss! First, and before reading about your grandma, I finally know your name. Whenever I read a post or comment in Facebook with UN Lieu sur terre in it I was always wondering..What a strange name is Un.....OMG! Now you know I don't know nothing in French ( is that french, isn't it? Well I really knew Un is ONE before but I didn't know you were french! Then I was sorry for your grandma, because regardless on the age we missed those beautiful human beings in our life! Then I laughed again because you said she was old and that she saw the first man in the moon. OMG I thought. I saw that,too, then I am old! Well...At least I don't remember the other old experiences she had!

    Good job on writing in both languages, I was thinking on doing that too (in my case in Spanish) but the time flies. That is one of my goals!

    So happy to get to know you from Flying Lessons Group! I'll check your store!
    I have a giveaway in my blog...more tha welcome!

    Enjoy the Ride...as I see you are!

  2. Oh Lila, sorry to hear about your dear grandmother...you wrote so beautifully about her. And that teddy bear table is hilarious ;) Blessings to you.

  3. lila, i am very sorry about your sad loss, your grand-mother sounds like a wonderful woman and is part of you. I am thinking of you, lots of love :)